Gromatex Brochure

Gromatex products are designed and manufactured to provide a long lasting but simple solution to containing and transporting abrasive fluids. A focus on heavy duty, abrasion resistant rubber and elastomer materials for pipework, coupled with a unique modular concept, the Gromatex range brings a whole new experience to the market.

Gromatex Hyrocyclones Brochure

Gromatex hydrocyclones have been designed and manufactured in the UK specifically for the demands of the aggregate and recycling industries. They are lined with the highest quality abrasive resistive rubber which is designed to work in the toughest applications. The rubber is hot vulcanised to the steel body at pressure to ensure a top quality seamless liner. They incorporate many new features to improve wear life and make maintenance easier. Additionally, we have aligned with industry norms to ensure the cyclones can be retrofitted into existing wash plants. Find out more about Gromatex Hydrocyclones here, in our new brochure.

Case Study
Collier Group
Gromatex hydrocyclone increases throughput and cuts silt return by half

Wash Plant Poster

Poster diagram annotating Gromatex parts on a wash plant.